Maintenance Plans

Pricing Will be flexible depending on the services maintenance is needed for

For any service I offer I can also offer a maintenance plans to go with this which can be on a monthly or yearly basis. This will give you the benefits of me maintaining any of the services you have purchased allowing you to concentrate on whats important to you.

Web Hosting

I can take control of the hosting of your website to undertake any maintenance. This is such as the backed and hosting platform of your website to make sure all systems stay running smoothly.

Website Amends

Any amends that need to take place on your website I can process for you. This can be anything from image changes, information changes, New Web Pages and graphics and anything else front end based.

Graphic Edits

If your Graphics such as Banners, Adverts, Logos and any other graphics of yours need changing. I am able to make these changes for you to improve or change your designs.

Anything Else

Any other services purchased from my self I will be able to offer a maintenance plan for if there will be possibilities of change, maintenance or amends to be done.

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