Graphic Design

Graphic Design Process

Here is my Graphic Design process to help you understand how your project will be handled. Make sure to ask any questions using the contact page!

1. Contact Me

Contact me with the project details and the ideas you have in mind of what you want the final design to look like (Or we can discuss ideas).

2. Pay 50%

Pay 50% of the final price as a deposit after we have a final design idea before I start work on your design.

3. Progress Updates

Receive progress updates of your project with images of the design coming to life as I work allowing you to state any early changes.

4. Final Design

I will then show you the final design ideas and get your thoughts before making any finishing touches.

5. Finishing Touches

Make any additional changes if needed to the design and get your final confirmation on the design.

6. Receive your Design

Pay the final 50% of the overall price which is when i will send over the High Resolution PSD (Editable File) Along with some .Jpg and .PNG Copies and any other copies you require.