eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website Process

My eCommerce websites are built as a Content Management System (CMS) using WordPress and WooCommerce. This makes it super easy for you you to manage and make changed and additions yourself once setup. See more about CMS here!

Make sure to ask any questions using the contact page!

eCommerce Website Examples

1. Contact Me

Contact me with the project details and the ideas you have in mind of what the Website needs to offer and any other requirements (Or We can discuss ideas).

2. Decide on Design

Decide on a final website design and all the information, media and any more details that need to go onto the website. The Website layout will also be decided. I can provide a list of WordPress Layouts for you to look through to see what best matches your needs.

3. eCommerce Details

Gather a list of products that will be sold on the website. The descriptions, images, sizing, costs and any more details that need to be on the site will also need to be provided. Also decide on the payments method and delivery methods/costs for the products. The eCommerce websites support both physical products and virtual download products.

4. Pay 50%

Pay 50% of the final price as a deposit after we have a final design idea, final media and information to go on the website as well as the website layout before I start work on your new website. We will also decide on a domain name and hosting for the site which I can provide details on.

5. Progress Update

See the progress of your site on a test domain where you will be able to see the website progress and state any additional changes you want making during the website build.

6. Website Upload

Pay the final 50% of the overall price when the website is complete and you are happy with all aspects. This is when I will get the website uploaded to your live domain for more testing to confirm everything is working fine.

7. Test Shop

Test the shop and the transactions on the website to make sure all payments are getting processed and all the shops features are working correctly.

8. Analytics

Setup Google Analytics to allow you to track your websites statistics. This shows you info such as overall views, real time sessions and more stats to do with your websites traffic.

9. Indexing

Confirm that the pages are indexed on google and other major search engines to allow people to easily find your web pages. I will also get your website SEO ready giving your website better chances of higher indexing.

10. Training

I will provide any necessary training on how to use the websites admin backend such as maintaining orders on the shop and processing them and anything else that you need to be trained upon.

11. Maintenance

Decide if you want to take out a Maintenance contract with me (HCL Design) to keep the website up to date and to correct any issues with hosting, changes etc.

12. Sign Off

We will sign off the project along with any additional costs of maintenance contracts if chosen and your newly designed website will get handed over to you. Your website will be live, uploaded to the internet and to your chosen specification complete for use.

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