A CMS is a system used to make management, maintenance and updates easy for users to carry out with little technical knowledge. WordPress and WooCommerce are Content Management Systems that I will provide. A Content Management System is a way for the information, details and content on a website to be changed with ease by anyone. Make sure to ask any questions using the contact page!


WooCommerce is the eCommerce solution which i provide and it is a globally recognized eCommerce application. All the online store details can be set through WooCommerce to be pulled onto a page on your website.

WooCommerce is also where all the Orders will get processed using the Check Out page. Any orders will be visible in the management panel which users can access who have logon details for the website. Order can be marked as dispatched and it allows e-mail notifications to automatically be sent out. WooCommerce also allows notifications to be sent out to the website owner/users when orders are placed.

wordpress order screen
woocommere order screen


WooCommerce this is also where all the products for the website can be setup. This includes information, pricing, delivery costs and other information can be set per product. Both Physical and Virtual items can be sold on the store.

All of your stock will be easy to manage with WordPress CMS as WooCommerce has these management capabilities. You will be able to enter stock quantity per product which will be automatically changed when an order for that item is placed.

This is an example of a website I have developed using WooCommerce as the eCommerce application.


With WordPress as the CMS this allows page content to easily be edited once all setup. Your website page content can be edited either by a drag and drop interface or the WordPress ‘Pages’ section. This will allow text and images to be changed or added as well as pages to be duplicated as a template for a new page. With the CMS it really easy for anyone with access to make a simple change to a page with no problems!


Within WordPress users will access the websites control panel to see orders, page and product info etc. Users can be setup with credentials and certain access permissions to allow them to only access the settings and features that they need. 

For example if there is a user who only needs to be able to amend products and see orders then they could be set in the role of ‘Shop Manager’.